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Being from Los Angeles, Roxanna was immersed in a city whose forward-thinking sustainability is one of the most progressive in the country. Her understanding of a culture’s impact on the environment comes from not only being a native Angelino but also having traveled around the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Something that has emerged to her from her travels is the transcendental nature of architecture against the test of time. She has two levels of education under her belt from design oriented schools on both coasts of the United States. With a keen eye for composition, her unconventional approach to design is informed by her largest passion: craft. The majority of the projects in her diverse portfolio have a hands-on aspect that reimagine functionality within a framework of intimacy. Her photographs and sketches have an architectural and design bent, yet also include subjects and close-up shots of functional objects that bring a level of personality to the work. She imagines the spaces and the people that might inhabit them together. Her latest project, in collaboration with The Design Collaborative and the LA LGBT Center, is a special line of laser-cut clocks. Roxanna believes that when you collaborate with people, you are combining everyone’s experiences to create something unique that others can be inspired by. When she isn’t at the drawing board, she can be found at the ballet studio, archery range, or hiking in nature. 



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