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When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, often the answer will change year after year. Megan was one of those rare ten-year-olds that knew exactly what she wanted to be. Her love of architecture was influenced by trips with her family to other cities and countries around the world that often contrasted her own small-town upbringing.


She began pursuing a career in architecture by first earning her degree at UC Berkeley. Her curiosity of the way that people live and create together in densely populated cities all over the world influenced the projects she took on after college, which spanned from museums to multi-family homes, and still influence her projects today. The first project she took on after earning her license in 2017 was a personal one; as a decade-long member of the LA Derby Dolls, she took on the warehouse conversion of their practice facility.


Megan gets inspired when she sees people creating together and lifting each other up. She believes that when people collaborate, they can change anything for the better.



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