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Kristen holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. Eager to leave rural Pennsylvania at the first opportunity, she headed west and found home in Los Angeles. Kristen is a licensed mechanical engineer in California and has earned the LEED AP BD+C and ASHRAE HFDP certifications. Her lifelong love of learning and passion for process efficiency spurred her to dabble in Python and Dynamo. With these skills she was able to develop valuable design automation tools that allow her to better serve her clients. Kristen has worked on projects in nearly every sector, with total project construction costs exceeding $2.3 billion. This experience is a result of her tireless “can do” attitude. She is devoted to her clients and does not consider a project done until her client is satisfied. Being a Project Manager and Operations Principal, she is equally devoted to her teams. She strives to empower her teams and give them what they need to perform at their best. She believes mutual respect, collaboration, strong processes, and open communication are essential to high performance and client satisfaction. When she isn’t wearing one of her many hats, you can find her working on a passion project, discovering new music, learning something new, exploring Southern California, or relaxing at the beach. 



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