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Jesse completed the undergraduate Architectural Engineering program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2010, and moved to Austin, Texas shortly thereafter, working as an engineer on both residential and commercial projects during the early Central Texas construction boom.  He left Texas with disillusion, having seen the same mistake being made there that had been pervasive for decades in his home state: rapid and careless development, with short-term profit as the sole design criterion.  Searching for more fulfilling work, he moved to Los Angeles. Jesse’s work became more specialized in preserving existing construction where possible, specifically in seismic retrofits and structural rehabilitation.


A pragmatist at his core, Jesse believes in designing for minimum use of material and maximum longevity.  Jesse’s work is inspired by a core belief of mutual respect and thoughtful collaboration between trades as an absolute requirement for design and construction; not only because that’s what everyone deserves, but also to focus on mitigating waste in time, energy, and material. 



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