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The gap between the ultra-wealthy and the poor seems to be ever widening and nothing has made this more clear than the latest health crisis. For Jaime, this has been apparent since her upbringing in Mercedes, Texas. Surrounded by farmland, strip malls, and block-by-block disparities between rich and poor communities, a desire to change and inspire the communities in which she lives emerged. She pursued a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering at the University of Texas, followed by a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering and Mechanics of Materials at UC Berkeley, specializing in earthquake engineering. After seventeen years of developing a finger on the pulse of the structural needs in the community of Los Angeles, she launched The Design Collaborative. This collective of creators with a heart for sustainability was a manifestation of her desire to create an environment of openly flowing ideas from people of diverse and often underrepresented communities. The love she holds for the creative arts is not merely for show, she has collected work from local artists and has spotlighted various local artists through The Design Collaborative. Her passion for art, people, community, sustainability and the environment has been the anchor used to shape and mold each aspect of the company. For Jaime, design is an important way for us to express who we are as people and to inspire others to use their talents fully. She believes that when we collaborate, we can build something beautiful.



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