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Abby’s long career in accounting has afforded her the chance to see herself in connection with her community through every project she has helped give life. Her love for sustainability and functionality stems from her upbringing in Sioux City, Iowa. Famous for its corn, she was surrounded by midwestern agriculture and wafts from various meatpacking industries. This experience influenced her distinct perspective on animal welfare and food consciousness, eventually leading to a strong interest in sustainability in general.


Her passionate pursuit of a sustainable way to shape the environment, in combination with her affinity for numbers, led to her enrollment at the University of Texas for Mathematics. After graduating in 2002, she got to work right away as an accountant in the construction industry.


For Abby, design is important because it is how we shape the environment we live in and we can choose to do this in a way that is functionally sustainable. Collaboration is important to Abby because when you gather people from backgrounds with different lived experiences, we can create a better world for all of us.



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